Sudani, Australian Ambassador discuss human rights situation in Iraq

Sudani, Australian Ambassador discuss human rights situation in Iraq

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Minister for Human Rights, Mohamed Shiya al-Sudani stressed that “Iraq faces many challenges most notably the terrorism and the weak human rights culture.”

A statement by the Ministry cited on Thursday “Sudani received the Australian Ambassador to Iraq, Lyndall Sachs, where they discussed the situation of the human rights in Iraq and enhancing the cooperation in this field through continuing launching the training courses organized by Australia for the Ministry’s cadres to promote the human rights culture.”

The Minister added that “Iraq seeks to be among the active countries in field of human rights through joining the international agreements specialized in this domain.”

“The Government of Iraq respects the peaceful demonstrations as they are legal and constitutional right where it dealt positively with them when the government formed ministerial commission to consider the demonstrators’ demands,” Sudani continued saying.

“Yet, there are illegitimate demands that do not comply with the constitution such as the cancelation of Accountability & Justice Law and issuance of general amnesty,” pointing out that “The Government cannot meet these demands since they represent violation for the constitution,” the minister clarified.

“For her part, Sachs stressed her country’s support for the political process in Iraq and its readiness to keep on launching the training courses over the human rights for the Iraqi cadres,” the statement concluded.

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