Talabani: Current crisis threatens security of Iraq

Talabani: Current crisis threatens security of Iraq

Baghdad ( The President, Jalal Talabani, warned from the consequences of the current crisis and its negative effect on the security situation.

A Presidential statement received by quoted Talabani as saying addressing the Iraq “My post as the President obliges me to say frankly that the current crisis is threatening our homeland and requires all side to reconsider their stances.”

“The political process underwent so many critical stages that would result in civil wars, but currently we face the danger of the lack of trust among the political sides and the lack of a vivid vision in addition to the heavy deployment of armed forces,” the statement added.

“Such developments is not threats for the political process only rather it is a threat for the whole country and its security which urge us to seek solutions for the current disputes according the basic law of the country,” the statement continued.

“We should deal with the crisis with wisdom and to avoid the personal interests and affiliations and the dialogues must be positive to avoid complications and the escalations,” the statement assured.

“The new Iraq could not be built in atmospheres filled with tensions rather there must be stability and brotherhood among all Iraqis to consolidate national unity and avoid crises,” the statement concluded.

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