Talabani: Ghaidan’s appointment as Commander of IGF Illegal

Talabani: Ghaidan\

Baghdad ( The President, Jalal Talabani, informed the Commander of the Ground Forces, General, Ali Ghaidan, who is the supreme supervisor of all Operations Command including Dijla Operations Command, that his “appointment in this post is illegal.”

A source from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan stated to “Talabani sent a message to Ghaidan informing him that his appointment is illegal because there is no republican decree issued about it.”

“Talabani confirmed in his message that he can cancel the appointment of any official and replace him,” the source concluded.

Ghaidan assumed the responsibility of supervising all the Military Commands including Dijla Operations Command which involves Diyala, Salah-il-Din and Kirkuk provinces. \

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