Talabani’s party shows conditioned agreement over extending Barzani’s term


Baghdad ( MP, Latif Nirawi, the member of the central office of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan headed by the President, Jala Talbani, stated that the PUK approved extending the term of the President of Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani, for two more years in case the amending the constitution of Kurdistan Region.

Speaking to Iraqi News (, he said “The PUK accepts extending Barzani’s term if the Kurdistani Democratic Party headed by Barzani will accept to returning the constitution to the parliament to be amended.”

“The PUK and the KDP agreed upon sending the constitution to the parliament to amend it, if the PUK would approve extending Barzani’s term,” he added.

“When the constitution be sent to the parliament, the PUK will support changing the political system of Kurdistan Region into a parlimntary one,” he concluded.

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