Tayfor describes forming regions as Constitutional right

Tayfor describes forming regions as "Constitutional right"

Baghdad ( The Second Deputy Speaker, Arif Tayfor, announced supporting forming the region as being a “Constitutional right.”

A statement by Tayfor’s office received by on Thursday quoted him, as saying “Forming the regions will help to settle the disputes and provide the services due to increasing the authorities of the provinces to be able to do their tasks where one of the evidence on the success of this issue is Kurdistan Region.”

The statement added “Tayfor stressed the necessity of endorsing the law of reconsidering the borders to locate the borders among the provinces which will also help in forming the regions and give a chance to the citizens to have their rights in forming the regions.”

“He criticized the Federal Government for rejecting the project of forming the regions of Basra and Salah il-Din in spite of being a constitutional right granted in the constitution which is voted on by the Iraqi people, calling to provide all the means to make the Iraqis able to choose the way of ruling them,” the statement concluded.

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