Tayfor’s office : Tayfor’s call to Obama, to prevent killing Kurds with American weapons


Baghdad ( The office of the Second Deputy Speaker, Arif Tayfor stated “Tayfor’s call to the US President, Barrack Obama to interfere in the current crisis between Kurdistan Region and the Central Government, was to prevent killing the Kurdish people by the American weapons supplied to the Iraq Army and not to the return of the US Troops to Iraq.”

A statement by Tayfor’s office received by cited “Tayfor released a statement in the 8th of December where he called Obama to interfere to prevent the Iraqi Army fro, using the American weapons to kill the Kurdish people who suffered a lot, where he also called the international community and the organizations to be acquainted with the military escalation in Iraq by the federal government in the disputes areas.”

“Unfortunately some politicians criticized Tayfor’s statements and distorted it by claiming that he wants the US Troops to come back to Iraq,” the statement added, noting that “We assure that Tayfor never call the US Troops to come back to Iraq because the Kurdish government and the Kurdistani Alliance were the first that requested the US Troops to leave Iraq.”

Some observers stated that Tayfor was criticized by many political and public figures due to his call for Obama to interfere in the current disputes.

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