Tents set in Samara to prepare for demonstrations

Diyala ( Many tents have been erected to host the sit-ins who will start a demonstration on Tuesday to protest the violations against the female detainees in some prisons and also to demand returning the administration of the Holy Shrine of Imam Askary in Samara to the Sunni endowment.

Reporter of Iraqi News mentioned that “Dozens of tents have been erected by citizens of Samara in a step towards launching demonstrations on Tuesday for demanding to release the female detainees and stop the process of administrating the Holy Shrine by the Shiite Endowment,” noting that “The sit-in will continue till executing all the demands of the demonstrators.”

Provinces of Anbar, Nineveh and Salah-il-Din witness for more than a week protests against the arrest of the guards of the Finance Minister Rafi al-Esawi on December 20.

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