Timimi warns from spread of cancerous diseases in Basra

Timimi warns from spread of cancerous diseases in Basra

Baghdad ( MP Mansour al-Timimi of Basra province warned from the spread of the cancerous diseases in Basra.

Timimi said in a statement received by “The spread of the current diseases resulted from not removing the residues of the wars which were left for years,” confirming “This caused air pollution which lead to spread of diseases in Basra’s downtown and its district and sub-districts.”

He criticized “The delay in establishing care centers for the cancerous diseases in Basra, noting that “the establishment of centers for this purpose would significantly help curing the people of Iraq’s southern region at large.”

He called to “Treat all the cancer patients as soon as possible or facilitate and finance their treatment journeys abroad by the local government in Basra.”

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