Turkey denounces Tuz Khurmatu attack

Turkey denounces Tuz Khurmatu attack

Baghdad ( Turkey condemned the attack that targeted the Turkmen in Tuz Khurmatu on last Wednesday and resulted in killing and injuring dozens of citizens.

A statement by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs received by cited “We have learned with deep sorrow that 20 persons lost their lives and more than 70 others were injured, including Mr. Ahmet Koca, Deputy Governor of Salah-il-Din, and Mr. Ali Hashim, Vice President of the Iraqi Turkmen Front and member of the Provincial Council of Salah-il-Din, according to initial reports, following a suicide attack perpetrated against a Shia Mosque in Tuz Khurmatu district, majority of which are Turkmen, of Iraq’s Salah-il-Din Province during a funeral ceremony held for Mr. Ali Hashim’s brother-in-law, who fell a victim for an assassination the day before.”

“The perpetration of this attack during a funeral ceremony at a mosque reveals more strikingly the inhuman aspect of this act and deepens our sorrow. We condemn this heinous attack, wish God’s mercy upon those who lost their lives and a speedy recovery to those wounded,” the statement assured. The statement continued saying “We regret that there has been a significant increase lately in terrorist acts in our neighbor country Iraq. Dozens of people have lost their lives in the attacks carried out recently in various provinces.”

“We expect the Iraqi government to promptly take measures which will render futile the outrageous efforts of the circles targeting directly the people of Iraq and aiming to instigate a fight among brothers, and enable the atmosphere of peace, stability and brotherhood to prevail in the country. We believe that the people of Iraq will not let themselves be drawn into these odious machinations of the circles lacking humanity,” the statement added. “Turkey, as always, stands ready to mobilize all its means in order to support the people of Iraq at this critical juncture, and to give assistance to our Iraqi brothers who were wounded in this heinous act,” the statement concluded.

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