Turkey supports US plan to free Mosul

Turkish Prime Minister, Binali Yildrim. File photo.
Turkish Prime Minister, Binali Yildrim. File photo.

( Baghdad – Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım revealed on Sunday, that there is a US plan to liberate the city of Mosul under the leadership of Iraqi government from the ISIS grip, while called the government to keep the demography of the city.

Yıldırım said in a press statement, “There is a plan made by the US to free Mosul from the ISIS grip, and the plan will be executed under the leadership of the central government in Baghdad,” adding that, “Turkey is supporting the battle that will be carried out to free the city.”

“Mosul belongs to its residents. Do not let outsiders come in and ruin the original demography of the city, which might lead to a new civil war,” Yıldırım explained.

Yesterday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi rejected any role for Turkish forces in the upcoming offensive on ISIS stronghold of Mosul, and emphasized thatTurkey is violating Iraq’s sovereignty.

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