Turkmen bloc: Missiles from Peshmerga forces fall on Turkmen area

Turkmen bloc: Missiles from Peshmerga forces fall on Turkmen area

Baghdad ( The head of the Turkmen bloc, Arshad al-Salihi, revealed that some missiles released by the Peshemerga forces fell down on an area resided by the Turkmen Community in al-Ton Kobry area of Kirkuk province.

In a press conference, Salihi stated “The Peshmerga forces released some missiles targeting an aircraft of the Central Government, but those missiles fell down on al-Ton Kobry area resided by the Turkmen Community.”

“The crisis between the CG and Kurdistan Region is negatively affects the situation of the people of the disputed areas,” he added, noting that “In spite of the call of the President, Jalal Talabani, to avoid the tensions, the sides started to follow a new method that is considered as a dangerous one.”

He called “The religious authorities, the political blocs and the tribes in addition to the nongovernmental organization to condemn kidnapping two teachers of the Turkmen Community and burning them alive without requesting ransom from their families.”

He also called “The religious authorities to support the Turkmen Community that is forced to leave its own land in a well planned policy.”

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