Turkmen MPs call to announce Tuz Khurmatu affected area

Turkmen MPs call to announce Tuz Khurmatu affected area

Baghdad ( The Turkmen MPs called to compensate the Turkmens and announce Tuz Khurmatu district as affected area.

A statement by the Turkmen MPs recited by MP Hassan Wahab in a press conference attended by reporter cited that “The Turkmens are the most affected category among Iraq’s social components whether during the former regime or in the current regime where they had suffered oppression, displacement executions and imprisonment during the last regime and after its fall the they suffer much more at a time many other social components were compensated.”

“The Central Governmet should consider Tuz Khurmatu district affected area and compensate the victims of the recent terrorist bomibng or the previous attacks,” Wahab added urging to “Form security forces from the people of the district to assume the security there.”

“We hold both of the Central Government and Kurdistan Regional Government responsibility for the security breaches that took place in Tuz Khurmatu district,” he pointed out arguing “The political sides should resolve their problems outside the Turkmen areas.”

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