Theresa May pledges £50 million in support of Iraq

UK Premier Theresa May

Baghdad ( U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, now on a visit to Iraq, has pledged £50 million in support of Iraq in the coming period.

Speaking at a press conference along with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the U.K. premier said the aforementioned sum will be channeled into funding infrastructure projects and restoring stability in Iraq.

Such projects will help the displaced people to return to their home regions safely, she said, adding that her country will continue to support economic reforms in Iraq.

The U.K. will continue to stand by Iraq in the fight against terrorism till all Iraqi territories are liberated from terrorism, May stressed.

Abadi, meanwhile, praised high-level cooperation between Iraq and the U.K., particularly in the fight against terrorism and at the military and intelligence levels.

He also thanked the U.K. government for strategic support it provides for Iraq to help it restore stability at the areas recently liberated from Islamic State.

May arrived in Iraq earlier in the day at the start of a regional three-day tour where she is scheduled to meet with Saudi and Jordanian officials.

Britain is an outstanding member of the United States-led coalition which has backed Iraqi government forces in its campaign against Islamic State militants.

U.K. government figures tell of nearly 600 British soldiers in Iraq.

May’s visit is the first by a high-ranking U.K. official since former Defense Minister Michael Fallon made a visit to Iraq.

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