UN relocates 2000 of Ashraf Camp residents

UN relocates 2000 of "Ashraf Camp" residents

Baghdad ( The United Nations announced transporting 2000 residents from Ashraf Camp where (the Iranian opposition in Iraq is situated) in Diyala province to Hurriya Camp in Baghdad, leaving 1200 persons only in Ashraf Camp. A statement by Public Information office of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), quoted UNAMI’s Head Martin Koblar, as saying “On the occasion of passing Six months since the memorandum was signed between UNAMI and Iraqi Government to relocate Ashraf Camp residents into Hurriya Camp in Baghdad, I would like to thank both the Iraqi government and the residents of the Camp for their cooperation.” “Under the Memorandum of Understanding, the UN is committed to provide 24/7 human rights monitoring and UNHCR processes,” he added. Koblar stressed “The Government of Iraq is the only negotiating partner of UNAMI on the fate of Ashraf and Hurriya Camps’ residents.” He continued saying that “We will continue to urge the Iraqi Government to respond positively to the residents’ legitimate demands afforded by the International Law of Human Rights reminding the Government of Iraq of its responsibility for the safety and security of the residents,” stressing that “We will continue to stress that under the MoU the principle of non-refoulement will be respected and no one would be involuntarily repatriated.” UNAMI’s Head noted that “The UN, as an impartial facilitator, reminds all parties that it will remain a partner in peaceful and voluntary process.” The position of relocation is not subject to compromise, Mr. Koblar said. Koblar added that “It is crucial that the international community speeds up their efforts to resettle the residents of both camps outside Iraq and these efforts are urgently needed.”

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