Iraqi News publishes details of closed meeting of political blocs over demonstrators’ demands

Urgent...AIN publishes details of closed meeting of political blocs over demonstrators\

Baghdad ( Iraqi News ( publishes the details of the closed meeting of the heads of the political leaders headed by the parliament Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi, on Sunday.

The closed meeting was held to discuss the demands of the demonstrators where the participants held some agreements regarding Article (4) of Anti-Terrorism law, the General Amnesty law, the Justice & Accountability law and the Federal Court law.

A parliamentary source attended the meeting stated to “The Citizen bloc, al-Ahrar bloc and the Kurdistani Alliance refused to cancel Article (4) of Anti-Terrorism law where they participants agreed on amending it then sending it to the Parliamentary Legal Committee to approve it and specify the sides included within it.”

“Regarding the General Amnesty law, the participants agreed on the suggestion of the Citizen bloc which is not to include the involved persons in shedding the blood of the Iraq people and to be also amended to be approved,” the source added.

The source pointed out “Regarding the Justice and Accountability law, the attendants assured that this law needs to be amended and make the final decision for the judiciary in addition to avoid applying it selectively where this is the suggestion of the Citizen bloc and supported by al-Sadr Trend and the KA.”

“The Iraqiya Slate insisted on canceling the Anti-Terrorism law, but the Citizen bloc and the Sadr Trend insisted on amending it because it is impossible to cancel it in the current time,” the source concluded.

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