Urgent – King of Jordan to participate in striking ISIL

Urgent  -  King of Jordan to participate in striking ISIL

Follow Up ( Jordan confirmed on Wednesday that “The Jordanian King Abdullah II will participate personally on Thursday in conducting air strikes against the shelters of the terrorist ISIL organization to revenge the execution of the Jordanian pilot Maath al-Kassasba by the ISIL.”

Media outlets reported the King Abdullah II as saying “The war against ISIL will not end and we will fight them in their shelters.” /End/


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  1. Identifying the locations of ISIS leaders with subsequent elimination is no walk in the park,however
    due diligence will be rewarded in freedom for those oppressed.

  2. all the real world should form a ground force and advance to the center of the IS and defeat them before IS make so many children and women orphans and widows.

  3. Too bad we don’t have a leader like this..oh yea. Its cool to be progressive and ride bicycles and play golf all day. Obama you’re a joke!

  4. Now this is a man, leader and has a pair of brass ones, a man of True Grit, my prayers are with you and all countrymen.

  5. ISIS is like a fat rat. The fat rat slowly walks. You just have to keep hitting him hard until the rat is dead. They have all this money from the oil. They cant carry it and cant run anywhere; they have to sit and guard it. Wherever you find oil, you will find them. Burn them down with their money and their oil. And may God protect our King, King Abdullah II

  6. That’s good publicity but stupid move as a leader. What if he crashes and gets killed, then you have a leadership crisis in Jordan. There is a reason why generals don’t go on the battle front.

  7. That’s stupidity, unless it’s meant to be a diversion with a dummy for the king. First of all, you do not announce the strike schedule. These are not regular airline flights to publish the schedule. Then, you do not declare that your biggest leader is exposing himself to such risks. Finally, it will endanger the mission for the real pilots. The best thing for him to do would be to be on board an allied AWAC providing data link to the F16s. That way, he’s at a great height (where ISIS missiles can’t reach him) and safe.

  8. We have to eradicate ISIS more rapidly.But do not forget those war do not finished if we could eradicate ISIS.

  9. king, ur the leader and impressive and serious not like our damn president Obama.. He just sit back and watch everything happened while ur goin to be involvedw ur special team there soon.. I lol keep u and ur special teams in our prayers.. Teach ISIS a good and hard lesson, kill all of em by burning them all in cage, too!!!

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