UrgentKurdistan RegionG severely attacks Maliki

UrgentKurdistan RegionG severely attacks Maliki

Erbil ( The Presidency of Kurdistan Region launched a severe attack on the Iraqi Premier Nouri al-Maliki in response to his statements published by a Kuwaiti newspaper over the recent crisis between Baghdad and Erbil.

A statement received by quoted the official spokesperson of Kurdistan Region’s Presidency Omid Sabah as saying “Although the corruption which dominates all fields of the Iraqi Government starting from the Premier’s office and his allies, Maliki still gives unreliable statements to convince others that he has a crisis with Kurdistan Region only while his crisis extend from the north of Iraq to the south forgetting that the Iraqi State had been formed on basis of partnership since the end of the World War I.”
He added “Maliki forgets the principle of partnership as his predecessors did,” noting that “Maliki speaks about the disputed areas which were extracted by the former Regime from Kurdistan Region and call them as the collective areas although the article 140 of the constitution refer to it as the disputed areas.”

“We accepted the contents of the article 140 although we do not have any doubts about the Kurdish identity of Kirkuk and other extracted areas,” he concluded.

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