Urgent – .Pilgrims conduct sit-in in Mussayab

Urgent....Pilgrims conduct sit-in in Mussayab

Baghdad ( A large gathering of pilgrims conducted a sit-in in Mussayab district in thier way home after performing the rituals of Arbaeen pilgrimage of Imam Hussein.The correspondent of reported that ”Many pilgrims decided to conduct sit-in in Mussayab district protesting the lack in vehicles to transport them due to the security ban which force them to walk long distances to get vehicles in order to transport them.””What really upset the pilgrims is the security breach that happened in spite all the strict measures that were imposed represented by banning the vehicles from entering the district, ”he added.According to Karbala Provincial Council, more than 17 million pilgrims arrived in Karbala to conduct the rituals of Arbaeen pilgrimage of Imam Hussein. \

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