US embassy in Iraq condemns Baghdad terrorist bombings

US embassy in Iraq condemns Baghdad terrorist bombings

Baghdad ( The US embassy in Iraq denounced the terrorist operations witnessed by Bagdad on Sunday.

The US embassy reported in a statement received by “The US embassy in Iraq strongly condemns the recent terrorist bombings that took place in Baghdad which led to more than 20 deaths while dozens were left wounded.”

“The embassy extends warm condolences to the families of the victims, wishing urgent recovery for the injured,” the statement added.

Baghdad witnessed on Sunday a spate of car bomb explosions that targeted people markets, where dozens of civilians were killed and injured.

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  1. We all know what is the reality of the facts. There are now fifty year old American corporatocracy created the internal conflict to legitimize foreign attacks in the world. Suppresses entire cultures with its imperialist arrogance and proclaimed defender of human rights. In the world there is little awareness of this fact no formal imperialism, which is now ingrained in our religion in the form of capitalism.

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