US and Peshmerga to ensure closer coordination for Mosul offensive

Representational photo.
Representational photo.

( Nineveh – The United States will continue to support Peshmerga forces to ensure greater coordination between the two sides in the liberation battle of Mosul that is expected to start this fall.

The member of the Iraqi parliamentary committee for defense and security affairs, Shakhawan Abdullah, said, “The US has now come to the realization that it needs to directly deliver assistance to Peshmerga forces since it is aware that Baghdad is not willing to provide Peshmerga forces with their share from the weapons and other military supplies.”

“After the meeting between Kurdish officials and US ambassador to Iraq, the ambassador has assured the continued support of the Kurds of his country for Peshmerga forces. An agreement has also been made between Baghdad and Erbil over the Mosul operation which is expected to be launched in the next few months,” he added.

Noteworthy, Kurdish officials insist that their participation in the Mosul offensive greatly depends on a prior military and political agreement between Erbil, Washington and Baghdad to ensure the future of Mosul and minorities living in the area.

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