White Bloc calls to re-adopt 2009 agreement over running disputed areas

White Bloc calls to re-adopt 2009 agreement over running disputed areas

Baghdad ( The Secretary General of the White Bloc, Jamal al-Bateikh, stressed that “Re-adopting 2009 agreement over administrating the disputed areas guarantee settling the dispute between the Iraqi Federal Government and Kurdistan Regional Government.”

Bateikh said that “The agreement which was concluded in 2009 is the best solution to resolve the tensed security situation in the disputed areas,” noting that “Running those areas by mutual forces from the Federal Government and Peshmerga forces will strengthen the security in those areas especially since the supervision will be by the Central Government.”

“The Constitution is the last resort for getting rid of the current tensions; therefore it should be adopted as a basic reference in addressing all the crises witnessed by Iraq,” he added.

The last few days witnessed an escalation in the tension between Baghdad and Erbil on the background of the recent events that took place in Tuz Khormato district of Salah il-Din province on last Friday when elements from Dijla Operations Command clashed with bodyguards of a Kurdish figure in Tikrit city, capital of Salah il-Din resulted in killing a civilian and injuring a number of Dijla OC’s elements.

It is worth to mention that Nijafi has launched an initiative to bring the different views closer between the two sides so as to address the crisis and protect the country from the scourge of civil war where he met with the President of Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani, and the PM Maliki for this purpose.

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