White bloc denounces attacking Mutleg by Anbar demonstrators

White bloc denounces attacking Mutleg by Anbar demonstrators

Baghdad ( The White bloc denounced attacking the Deputy Premier, Salih al-Mutleg, by the demonstrators in Anbar province.

The Secretary General of the White bloc, Jamal al-Batiekh, stated to Iraqi News ( “We condemn this offense and consider it as a critical update that show the political identity of the demonstrators.”

“Some sides want to get Mutleg out of the political scene to implement a political agenda,” he added.

“The White bloc realize this act as an indication that these people do not want peaceful solution rather they aim at creating a chaotic situation according to the desires of foreign sides,” he assured.

“It is necessary to avoid repeating the same incident with any other figure who attends the demonstration to settle the problems and to convey the demonstrators’ demands to the Iraqi Government,” he concluded.

On last Sunday, Mutleg was thrown by the shoes when by the demonstrators who protested his attempt to speak to them on Sunday. reporter stated “While attempting to go up to the platform to speak to the demonstrators they throw him with shoes.”

“Mutleg’s guards opened fire to scatter the demonstrators injuring some of them,” the reporter added.

According to demonstrators, Mutleg left heading to Baghdad by taking a taxi then the motorcade of his guards followed him.

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