White bloc rejects endorsing law of limiting 3 Presidencies’ terms

White bloc rejects endorsing law of limiting 3 Presidencies\

Baghdad ( The White bloc rejected the endorsement of the law that limits the terms of the three Presidencies by the parliament on Saturday.

The leader within the bloc, Aziz al-Mayahi, stated to “The Iraqi constitution did not limit the terms of the PM but it did so concerning the terms of the President and Speaker,” noting that “Limiting the PM’s terms to two is a constitutional violation.”

“The democratic regimes in the world do not limit the PM’s terms and we do not know the reason behind this violation,” he added.

“The White bloc announces its refusal for the endorsement of this law which contradicts the Iraqi voters’ will in choosing the candidate that they want,” he concluded.

The parliament endorsed this law with the majority of 170 MPs while the members of the State of Law Coalition objected the law.

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