Zebari, Ambassador to KSA discuss bilateral relations

Zebari, Ambassador to KSA discuss bilateral relations

Baghdad ( The Foreign Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, received at the ministry, Fahd Abdul Mohsen Al-Zaid, the non-resident Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A statement by the Foreign Ministry received by cited “During the meeting, they discussed bilateral relations and the importance of normalizing relations fully between the two countries. They also discussed the issue of the Saudi prisoners in Iraq and the Iraqis in the Kingdom as well as the implementation of last death sentences.”

“The two sides stressed the importance of ratification of the Convention of exchanging prisoners and detainees to find a mechanism for joint cooperation,” the statement added.

“Areas of economic, trade and investment cooperation were to Saudi businessmen and work together discussed, to open and regulate border crossings to activate the process of trade and transport between the two countries,” the statement concluded.

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