2014 Iraq Budget exceeds 174 Trillion Iraqi Dinars

2014 State Budget exceeds IQD 174 Trillions

Baghdad ( The Financial Parliamentary Committee announced that the 2014 State budget reaches IQD 174.6 trillion and its major part allocated for energy and security sectors.

Member, Majda al-Tamimi, of the Financial Parliamentary Committee published on her Facebook page that ”The 2014 State Budget reaches IQD (174,6) trillion distributed as (22) trillion for security and defense, (38,9) trillion for energy, including (11) trillion allocated for electricity sector, seven trillions for trade field, including five trillions allocated for ration card.”

”The budget allocated IQD (1,9) trillion for construction, four trillions for the Council of Ministers, (99) billions for agriculture and two trillions for industry sector,” she added.”

The budget allocated three trillions for the new salaries table,” noting that ”The rate of the investment allocations within 2014 State reached 36% while in the 2013 State budget reached 40%,”. She concluded.


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  1. Every country needs to have an annual budget, this is not breaking news, it doesn’t mean the IQD is going to re-evaluate, it just means this is the amount of IQD that Iraq needs to run the Country, that’s all.

  2. And how do you think they will pay for security, eletricity, agriculture, etc with a worthless currency. And this is not just any country , they have some of the biggest oil, gas and gold resources in the world. Do the research, foreign banks, including our own, don’t do business in countries that are poor or have no future. That’s why we are there , even Western Union is in Iraq now. Don’t believe the hype , the US didn’t get involved for nothing. Something is coming soon.

  3. The PFC is nothing really and one memeber makes a post on FB LOL really try waiting or vote and comes from goi then we have a budget march 23 is the date.

  4. I would think that something will happen now that the budgets passed. (did it really)?
    Probably a lot smaller RV than most are expecting. But I’ve got to think that since
    they invaded Kuwait that theirs no way in hell that Iraq is going to let them have a
    currency valued more then theirs. You their pride and their ego is bigger than that.
    Look, if Kuwait can do it, Iraq can do it. They even have more money and resources.
    I can’t imagine them not having a higher valued currency.

  5. It will revalue soon & has many other resources not mentioned, eg all the world’s phosphorous, largest untapped reserves in copper and oil and even more importantly is spokken of in Rev. Ch. 18 as the place which will make all the merchants of the world rich and their lamentations when ultimately destroyed. (Babylon)

  6. Just how long do you still believe the lies, misinformation, and outright shenanigans of the so called, “gurus”, who make money by having conference calls, websites, dinar sales, and lead the mindless sheeple down the path of intertwining spirituality, the judgments of God, the a*s backward means of the Iraqi mindset, the evils of the rich and corruption of the governments? SOME DAY is NEVER on the calendar! The finger pointing and excuses to keep the masses lost in the “BLUE WORLD”, “SHIPS AT SEA”, and all the other coined phrases to deflect the simple truth . . . . THEY ARE LYING TO EVERYONE!!!! Years and years of “HOPIUM”, millions of dollars wasted by those who honestly can’t afford it, families torn apart, and additional fodder for the weakening economy and loss of initiative and clarity that threatens the very core of what America USED TO BE, and is being lured into the mindless longing for what really doesn’t matter.

  7. Dont listen to the hype from that tony he’s selling dinars all these people and thiers false hopes creates hugh bank accounts for some, tnt , okie and others. There should be jail time for these perpetrators the justice department should step in, we need to start a campaign to clean this mess up.

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