Basra Council allocates 350 mn Iraqi dinars to reconstruct ‘death road’

Representational photo.
Representational photo.

( Basra – Head of Basra Provincial Council Sabah al-Bazuni announced about allocating 350 million Iraqi dinars for reconstructing the ‘death road’, situated to the south of the province. The road is important as it is considered to be a strategic route for transporting goods from the Iraqi ports.

Bazuni, in a statement, said, “The council has allocated 350 million Iraqi dinars to complete the reconstruction of the road linking Az Zubayr-Umm Qasr to the south with Az Zubayr road-Safwan to the west of Basra. The Central government is not willing to fund the project, despite being financed by the World Bank.”

“The engineers in Umm Qasr and Roads & Bridges Directorate in Basra will construct a side road for the passage of small vehicles to Umm Qasr vicinity, and will allocate the old road for the passage of trucks to Umm Qasr port on a temporary basis till the main road is completely reconstructed,” he added.

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