CBI: Iraqi Dinar’s price witnesses recovery against US Dollar

CBI: "Iraqi Dinar\

Baghdad ( The Central Bank of Iraq stressed “The stability of the US Dollar’s price against the Iraqi Dinar since the Iraqi dinar was issued is to witness a clear recovery.”

The Deputy Chairman of the CBI, Mudhir Mohamed Salih, stated to on Thursday “The Central Bank of Iraq managed to control the exchange rate of the US Dollar against the Iraqi dinar at 1.18 or 1.19,” noting that “All the exchange offices make up 5% of the demand for the Dollar.”

“The largest rate of the demand of the Dollar goes to the money orders for purposes of financing the foreign trade and Iraqi’s imports,” he added.

“All the money whether huge or little sums are controlled by the applicable anti-money laundry law which can discover anything that violates the law,” Salih concluded.

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