Cornerstone laid for 2 sewage treatment projects in Baghdad

BAGHDAD / Baghdad’s Mayoralty has laid the cornerstone for two sewage treatment plans in the capital at a total cost of 164 billion Iraqi dinars (ID). “On behalf of Baghdad’s mayor, the deputy head of the mayoralty’s department for municipal affairs, Eng. Naeem al-Kuaibi, has laid the cornerstone for two sewage treatment projects in Baghdad during a celebration attended by the chairman of Baghdad’s provincial council, Kamel al-Zaidi, the Belgian ambassador to Iraq and a number of directors general and security chiefs,” according to a statement released by the municipality’s media office and received by news agency. The first project, whose total cost is ID98 billion, will be carried out within 30 months, the statement pointed out. The second will be conducted by a Swiss firm within 220 days at a cost of ID66 billion, it added. SS (P) 1

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