Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Duhuk governor, U.S. delegation take up construction

BAGHDAD / The governor of Duhuk province discussed construction issues with a visiting delegation from a U.S. construction agency. During his meeting with a delegation from RTT, a U.S. construction agency, Governor Tamr Ramadan tackled the agency’s program for the construction of schools and the launch of agricultural activities, according to a statement released on Saturday by the National Media Center and received by The meeting also tackled means of alleviating drought problems in Iraq’s Kurdistan region, the statement noted. Also spelled Duhok , Dohuk Dehok or Dahok ; it is a city in the far northern part of Iraq to the borders with Turkey. It has about 500,000 inhabitants, mostly consisting of Kurds and Assyrians. According to some sources, the name “Duhuk” comes from Kurmanji Kurdish meaning “small village”. Circled by mountains along the Tigris river, Duhuk, the third province with Iraq’s Kurdistan region, has a growing tourist industry. Its population grew extremely since the 1990s as the rural population moved to the cities. Since the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the United States, Duhuk and Iraqi Kurdistan in general have remained the only safe places for foreigners. SS (S) 1

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