Global crisis attracts capital to Iraq – INIC

BAGHDAD / An Iraqi investment official said the repercussions of the global financial crisis has functioned as a catalyst to attract foreign capital to the local market, adding a plenary symposium will be held on investment in the country on February 22. “The Iraq National Investment Commission has set Feb. 22 as a date for an event that would bring members and governors together to discuss investment in the provinces and diagnose the problems that delayed several development projects and programs,” Abdullah al-Bandar, an INIC advisor, told news agency. “The INIC has finalized the main themes in the investment topics to be taken up in the symposium,” he said, hoping capital capable of contributing to investment projects in Iraq would be lured into the country. He pointed out that major global firms specialized in construction and contracting works would be attracted to work on the local market. AmR (P) 1

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