Iraq in deal for purchase of 5 Bombardier passenger jets

Iraq is eyeing a flightline between Baghdad and Venice in Italy, Italian media quoted Iraqi transport officials as saying on Tuesday.

Baghdad ( Iraq has reached a deal with Canadian jet manufacturer Bombardier for the purchase of five passenger jets, a statement by the transport ministry said on Tuesday.

Minister Kazim Finjan said in the statement that the ministry reached a deal with the company for the purchase of five CS300 jets.

According to the minister, the agreement comes to activate a preliminary contract signed with Bombardier in 2013 for the purchase of five jets for nearly USD387 million.

Finjan said the new model can help cut plane fuel consumption by 20% compared to other aeroplanes, and enjoys high-degree safety options, including autopilot landing.

Iraq’s passenger fleet consists of 33 Boeing and Bombardier jets.


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