Iraq exported 125.5 mln metric tons of LNG in Q3 of 2017

New batch of Iraqi liquid gas to be exported from Umm Qasr Port in Basra.

Baghdad ( Iraq announced the volume of its gas exports for the third quarter of 2017 on Thursday, the country remains in the world’s 11th place as far as natural gas wealth is concerned.

The exports reached 125.2 million metric tons of liquefied gas and nearly 255.11 million cubic meters of condensates, according to Petroleum Minister Jannar al-Luaibi, who made the announcement in a statement quoted by Mubasher.

LNG shipments from Basrah gas company reached 46, compared to 22 shipments of condensates through Khour al-Zubair, another port in Basrah.

Luaibi pointed to an agreement with British company SIKA to rehabilitate Khour al-Zubair with platforms upgrades, reservoir constructions, and pipe networks installment.

He said earlier this month that U.S. Chevron and France’s Total were among bidders who expressed interest in developing Majnoon oil field after energy giant Shell’s exit.

Luaibi had also said his country was close to enforce an agreement to export a daily 200 million cubic feet of Iraq’s crude gas surplus extracted from Rumaila field in Basrah to Kuwait.



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