Iraq-Jordan  border crossing passed 250 cargo trucks: minister

Treibil border crossing between Iraq and Jordan.

Baghdad ( A border crossing between Iraq and Jordan has seen the passing of 250 cargo trucks since it was reopened in August, the Jordanian government said Wednesday.

Trade and Industry Minister Yarub Qudah told Jordan’s AlGhad newspaper that the trucks moving through the Treibil border crossing were laden with diverse products, adding that 20 more trucks carrying industrial cargos were slated for passing on Thursday.

“Jordan looks at Iraq as a strategic partner in all fields, rather than a market.” Qudah said in his statement.

Jordan and Iraq agreed to reopen the Treibil crossing last August after a closure that lasted for three years prompted by security instability with the emergence of Islamic State militants in Iraq. It stands as the only cross-border  trade route between the two countries.

Baghdad and Amman had agreed to entrust security at the crossing to a foreign private company.



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