Iraq: oil exports for February exceed 95.940 mn barrels in final count

The first half of 2017 witnessed the export of 24 condensates shipments and 24 gas liquids shipments (Reuters)

Baghdad ( Iraq’s oil exports for February exceeded 95.940 million barrels, with revenues suprasing USD5.762 billion, the oil ministry announced in a final statistic on Tuesday.

Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said in a statement that, based on a fina statistic released by the state oil marketing firm, SOMO, crude oil exports stood at 95.940.404 barrels.

Jihad said revenues from those exports stood at USD5.762.174.000.

Again, the ministry has not recorded any exports from Kirkuk.Rate per barrel stood at USD60.060, and exports were handled by 37 world companies from Basra terminals.

Activity remains halted at oil fields at the northern province of Kirkuk since Iraqi forces took over the province’s facilities from Kurdish forces responding to a September referendum held by Kurdistan Region in which a majority voted for independence from Iraq.

Iraq is the second biggest producer of oil among the world’s oil exporters body, OPEC, coming after Saudi Arabia.

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