Iraqi Cabinet rules out replacing or omitting zeros from Iraqi dinar

Iraqi Cabinet rules out replacing or omitting zeros from Iraqi dinar

Baghdad ( The Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers ruled out replacing the Iraqi dinar or crossing out the zeros from it in this phase.

A statement by the SG quoted its Secretary General, Ali al-Allaq, as saying “The project of replacing the Iraqi dinar and omitting the three zeros from it was discussed in past period at the Council of Ministers where the Council stressed that this topic is not within the priorities of the Council since there is no problem in this respect.”

“The Iraqi Government thinks that changing the dinar needs suitable and stable circumstances,” he added confirming “This proposal will be given priority if the stable conditions are there.”

“The price of the Iraqi Dinar is expected to rise against the US Dollar encouraged by the increase of the dinar reserve accumulated at the Central Bank of Iraq in addition to the revival of the economic growth of Iraq,” Allaq concluded.


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  1. How do you now it is a total SCAM? I’d just like to get fact, I’ve heard/read a lot of comments from people that can not justify it’s worth, and please be polite I am just asking. I would like to pass the word out too if I can prove it.

  2. they will never rv just rumors most sites just keep saying get ready to cash in
    My thinking is if it sounds to good to be true it is most likely BS

  3. I think it is. The US is now the biggest holder of IQD in the world. Holding over 7.1 Billion IQD. It only makes sense for them to RV it. They would make trillions.

  4. Ofcame id. This guy may be running this blog. I think he need to change his intel. Cuz he mentioned about wells fargo bank. That is totally not true. Wells fargo not considering any of it. I am working for i can tell u. Dont b fooled.

  5. Man skall kunna tänka sig att bla. Ramadan är snart i Irak,och andra röda dagar som firas i bla.Irak.det är stora högtider.Man tror och känner till att blir det ingen RV,före 7 juli,kanske man får vänta till 2014.Jag har följt detta sedan 2003,och man får verkligen säga att Irak gör stora framsteg för varje dag som går!

    Vi hoppas verkligen att en RVVVVVV…………,kommer att ske snart!!

  6. Iraqi money has indeed revalued throughout the years. When the US bought in the rate was 4000! Today the rate is 1149! There is no way that the value increases are a scam when the proof is in black& white. I’m not sure if the value of the IQD will increase to it’s original rate of 3.44 before Saddam Hussein reign or if will be of equal domination to the USD. There is only one fact in the matter and that is, those who have invested in the IQD even if it RV’ s @ 26¢ USD there will be a profit for those who KNOW that ALL currency devalues with economic & financial changes!

    SHORT HISTORY LESSON: Kuwait dinar RV’d from 10¢ to $3+ in 2004! So before you post talking SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! Educate yourself!

  7. I bought 10,000,000.00 Dinar in 2007 in Iraq. They are now sitting in a shoe box in my closet collecting dust. Yes, I have sucker stamped on my forehead ! Not going to RV in my life time !
    Bla Bla Bla for years now. Were do you sell them with out taking a HUGE lose ?

  8. I am about to invest / buy some Iraqi dinars. I truly believe the Iraqi dinar will revalue by the end of this year or before. With the events taking place daily, the Iraqi government will soon need to revalue its currency to get the world to invest in Iraqs fiuture they can’t afford to loose its fight against ISIS they have to much to loose. Jordan, Israel and kuwait would be at risk of a catastrophic attack sending the region into a spiral downfall.

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