ISX trading down to ID3.4b this week

BAGHDAD / The Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) trading went down this week to reach 3.460 billion Iraqi dinars (roughly $2.9 million), mainly due to frail trading in the banking sector after decisions to raise capital. The week saw 2.406 billion shares exchanging hands at 3.460 billion dinars through 1370 deals with non-Iraqi investors grabbing 164 purchase deals worth 187 million dinars and six sale deals worth 7.6 million dinars over several sectors. The ISX witnessed its first E-trading session on April 19, 2009 over five registered companies, three banks and two hotels. The banks were: Ashur International Bank (AIB), Al-Mansour Bank and the Iraqi Credit Bank while the hotels were: Ashtar Hotel and Al-Mansour Hotel. On June 7, 2009, the Iraqi Middle East Investment Bank and the Warka Bank joined the electronic trading sessions. The ISX now holds five sessions from Sunday to Thursday. AmR (P) 1

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