Mayahi criticizes mechanism of distributing allocations of 2013 budget on provinces

Baghdad ( Mp, Aziz al-Mayahi, the member of the Parliamentary Economic Committee criticized the mechanism of distributing the allocations of 2013 budgets on the provinces.

In a press statement received by on Thursday, he said “The Parliamentary Financial Committee and the other specialized committees have suggested to the Ministry of Finance to adhere to needs of the provinces while allocating their allocations according to their population.”

“The MoF rejected this suggestion and repeated the same mistake that was done in the previous budgets without taking into consideration the difference between the provinces regarding the natural resources, tourism and the borders inlets,” he added.

He stressed the necessity of “Treating some provinces such as Diwaniya and Muthana in a special way because they depend on the agriculture as the only source where the agricultural sector has declined in the last few years which resulted in declining the situation in these provinces.”

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