MoE, Capacity of electricity power reaches (10,000 MW)

Baghdad ( The Ministry of Electricity announced that the productive capacity of electricity power reached (10,000 MW) which is the highest rate since the foundation of National Electricity System.The official spokesperson of the Ministry of Electricity, Musab al-Mudaris, reported in statement received by on Sunday ”The electricity system achieved (2,500 MW) compared to last year during the same season and (6,500 MW) more than the electricity capacity during summer/ 2003.””Baghdad is being provided with electricity power about (15 to 16 hours) daily while Kirkuk and Maysan are being equipped by electricity power all day long and meanwhile Basra, Dhi-Qar and Nineveh receives electricity power (16 hours) daily and the rest of provinces are being equipped with electricity power rate of (16-20 hours) daily,” the statement added. \END\

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