MoH&C suffers of territories allocation

MoH&C suffers of territories allocation

Baghdad ( The Minister of Housing and Construction, Mohammed al-Daraji, announced that the building of the housing complexes are taking place in all Iraqi provinces and the establishment of the housing complexes is facing the obstacleof allocating the territories.

Daraji mentioned in press conference on the conclusion of the Arab summit for ministers of housing and construction that ”The resolutions of the conferences related to Iraq urged to built housing complexes similar to the housing complexes in the advanced countries and to accelerate the endorsement of the payment on credit law which currently referred to the Parliament.”

”The Ministry of Housing and Construction is facing a problem in allocating territories, particularly in Baghdad, since most of these territories are either agricultural or belong to other sides, stressing that ”The problem of allocating territories to build housing complexes has raised to the Parliament to be solved, ”the statement pointed out. \

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