MP demands to increase agriculture share of state budget

MP demands to increase agriculture share of state budget

Baghdad ( Member of the Water and Agriculture Parliamentary Committee, MP Karrim Eliwi, predicted to increase the water scarcity problem during the next duration, demanding the government to allocate more financial sums from the State budget of 2013 to promote water and agriculture sectors.

A statement by Eliwi received by on Saturday cited ”Turkey is blockading water and the water doses which Turkey launch do not meet the needs because of the political differences between Iraq and Turkey.”

”The Iraqi government has a water reservoir but the next years will witness severe water blockade and the water scarcity problem will increase in Iraq and neighbouring countries,” he added.

”The Parliamentary Committee suggested to allocate 10 % from the state budget of 2013 to water and agriculture sector and the suggestion obtained the consent in principal,” the statement concluded. \

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