MP reveals defects in 2013 budget

MP reveals defects in 2013 budget

Baghdad ( Member of the Services and Reconstruction Parliamentary Committee MP Iman al-Mohammadi revealed that “The 2013 budget of the State suffers from defects,” stressing that “The government can treat these defects in cooperation with the Iraqi Parliament.”

In a statement to the Iraqi News (, MP Mohammadi said Friday “The budget law draft has been discussed during two sessions of the Parliament which is a beginning for endorsing the 2013 budget.”

“The 2013 budget law draft suffers from some defects but we hope these defects are minor,” she added, noting that “The government can settle these defects if it cooperates with the Parliament.”

The Iraqi Parliament has read the 2013 budget law draft for the second time during its session of last Wednesday.

The Council of Ministers has approved the 2013 budget law draft which has reached IQD 138 trillion on last September, 23.

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