New projects wait State budget endorsement, says Shukri

New projects wait State budget endorsement, says Shukri

Baghdad ( The Minister of Planning and Development Cooperation, Ali Yusif al-Shukri, announced that ”The fund disbursement for new projects cannot be launched, unless State Budget law draft is endorsed.””We are at the end of a fiscal year and the beginning of a new one, thus, there is a conflict related to launching the fund disbursement for new projects,” stressing that ”The instructions of the budget implementation stipulates that the funds disbursement should be stopped as of December 15th and this hinders contracting for new projects,” he stated to”The Council of Ministers decided during its last session to launch funds disbursement from operating and investment budgets concerning going on projects, but, still new projects are not covered with this law which may delay development process,” he added. \

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