Oil exports won’t be affected by the Rumeila Oil Pipeline – Oil Ministry

BAGHDAD / Iraq‘s Southern Oil Company shall continue to transport oil through the pipeline that was blasted on Tuesday, through other pipelines, in order to secure exports.The repair process of the affected pipeline will take about one week, the Official Spokesman for the Iraqi Oil Ministry reported on Wednesday. “Iraq‘s oil exports will not be affected by the explosion that took place against an oil exporting pipeline, because the Oil Ministry possesses a storage, enough to secure oil exports in a usual manner,” Assem Jihad told news agency. The oil pipeline carrying crude between southern Iraq‘s Rumeila Oil Field and the Zubeir Storage – 1, had been target for an attack at 09:00 p.m.local time Tuesday night, in a subversive act that blew up the pipeline, whilst the Ministry had managed to extinguish the fire that broke out in the pipeline after the attack, early on Wednesday. SKH (TP)/SR 504

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