Parliamentary committee attributes Iraqi Dinar price decline to CBI policy failures

Parliamentary committee attributes decline in IQD price to failure policy of CBI

Baghdad ( The Economic Parliamentary Committee attributed the continuous decline in the value of the Iraqi dinar in exchange of USD price to “the unsuccessful policy adopted by the Central Bank of Iraq.”

The Secretary of the Parliamentary Committee, Mahamma Khalil, stated to that ”The continuous decline in the price of the Iraqi dinar in exchange of the US dollar is a result to the failure policy of the CBI where the recent changes in the administrative staff and the intervention of the Government in the authorities of the CBI have negatively affected the efforts to regain value of the Iraqi dinar.”

“The CBI pledged to take procedures to increase and maintain the price of IQD, yet the price is falling down,” he added.

The CBI is offering the USD in the auction of foreign currencies with less value than the that in the real Iraqi market to reduce the difference between the IQD and USD.

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