Structure of MoE to be changed, says Saad

Structure of MoE to be changed, says Saad

Baghdad ( MP, Suzan al-Saad, member of Oil and Energy Parliamentary Committee, revealed making changes on the structure of the Ministry of Electricity after monitoring many negative points during the meeting which took place within the cadres of the Ministry.

MP Saad reported in statement received by on Wednesday ”The committee which was formed by the Ministry Undersecretary decided to change the structure of the Ministry of Electricity due to monitoring negatives on this structure,” pointing out that ”The meeting was attended by the director general of production, general director of administrative directorate, manager of Najebiya station and representative of the Oil and Energy Parliamentary Committee in Basra province.”

Saad added ”We suggested to create new projects directorate in the southern area to grant wider authorities to implement projects and conclude contracts without taking permission from the Parliamentary committee,” noting that “The suggestions will be submitted by the Ministry undersecretary to the Minister to be endorsed.” \

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