US, Malayisian?, French, Japanese Companies present 100 offers to work in Missan Oil Company

BAGHDAD / A number of American, Malayisian, French and Japanese companies of expressed readiness to work in southern Iraq’s Missan Oil Company, during their presence in the Basra International Oil & Gas Exhibition, held in southern Iraq’s Basra Province, the Media Director of Missan Oil Company reported on Monday. “The International Oil & Gas Exhibition, hled in Basra Province, had witnessed visits by dozens of foreign companies on the pavilion of Missan Oil Company,” Ali Abbas al-Turfy told news agency, adding that “more the 100 companies have offered to work in the Company’s oil, excavation, supplies and other oil services.” He said that “Missan Oil Company had prepared a base of information about the Company’s productivity and investment operations, as well as its oil fields, as well as the improvement that have taken place, especially after its independence from the Southern Oil Company.” Missan, Province, center of which is Amara city, 390 km to the south of Baghdad, is one of the leading oil provinces, producing over 100 barrels per day (bpd), covering the geographical plan of six oil-producing fields, that are Bazergan, Abu-Gharb, Fakka and Halfaya, as well as the Majnoun Oil Field, that is partner of the Southern Oil Company, along with 5 discovered but non-producing fields, including the Huweiza, al-Rafi’e, East Rafidan, Dujeila and Kuwait fields. SKH (PT)/SR 122

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