Warnings against stopping industrialist sector in Ninewa

NINEWA / Specialist industrialist warned today against the dangers of stopping the work of the private sector in Ninewa province due to negligence and security situation. They called on the Iraq government to pay greater attention to this sector. In a workshop organized in Ninewa, Abdul Aziz al-Jarba, head of Tahreer Society, told that the industrialists complained of the lack in the infrastructures, such as water, electricity, roads and fuel, in addition to closing industrial areas due to security problems and non-protection of national products compared to the imported ones. “This state of affairs will affect the lives of the families of the province that will lead to unemployment, lack of apprenticeship and the invasion of foreign products”, he ¬†elaborated. The workshop was also organized by Mosul University and attended by a number of Ninewa industrialists. RM (TS)/SR Number of Reads:139

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