Ex-beauty queen says her Iraqi citizenship under threat after advocacy of Israel

Contestants Miss Iraq, Sarah Eedan (R) and Miss Israel, Adar Gandelsman (L) pose together for a selfie, during preparations for the Miss Universe 2017 beauty pageant in Las Vegas, United States November 13, 2017. (photo credit: SARAH IDAN/SOCIAL MEDIA/VIA REUTERS)

Baghdad ( – Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan has said that the Iraqi government seeks to strip her of the Iraqi citizenship for her supportive stances of Israel.

“Thank you, Iraq wants to do to me what they did to Iraqi Jews back in Farhoud take my citizenship & not allow me to return,” Idan tweeted on Wednesday.

The move comes two weeks after Idan spoke in defense of Israel at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Idan, who now lives in California, stressed that she will not remain silent on such hate campaigns, which she said pose a threat to “antisemitism” and violate her own rights.

“I must fight to keep it cause this is a fight not just for my rights but also against antisemitism,” she said.

In her UNHRC speech last month, Idan spoke about violations of human rights in Iraq. Idan tweeted, “2 weeks ago Iraq denied my statements at the UN that I don’t have freedom to speak about Israel; now they’re taking my citizenship. This is inhumane. I’m speechless.”

In November 2017, Idan sparked controversy after posing an Instagram photo with Miss Israel Adar Gandelsman at the Miss Universe beauty pageant.


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    • Your comment is indicative of extreme stupidity. This young woman appears to be very intelligent. She should be considered the sort of citizen to bring Iraq out of ignorance and intolerance. Irag should celebrate this young woman’s humanity, her grace, and elegance. Do you say these things as a way to keep women as something to step and, stomp on? Would you prefer she hides her beauty under a rag, and always walk behind a brutal husband?
      She is to be proud of, not like an animal on a leash,
      Israel is not murdering – they are defending their God given right to exist. Your life would be so much more blessed, and interesting if you can stop hating and educate yourself.

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