Health Directorate reveals increase in mumps cases in schools

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( Baghdad – On Monday, Directorate of Public Health revealed an increase in the number of mumps cases in most schools in different provinces, while assured that the disease is under control. The Directorate of Public Health called the management of the schools to ensure the cleanliness of classes and provide adequate ventilation, in addition to following up mumps cases.

The Deputy Manager of the Directorate of Public Health Mohammed Jabr said, “Lately, Iraqi schools had witnessed an increase in the number of mumps disease cases and it was controlled by following educational and awareness procedures,” pointing out that, “The disease is an airborne disease and the number of incidents increase in poorly ventilated, crowded and small places.”

Jabr added, “The patient who shows symptoms of mumps must have a mandatory leave to avoid infecting others and take the required medication,” pointing out that, “Schools’ administrations must ensure the cleanliness and ventilation of class halls and follow up the existing medical cases to prevent the infection.”

Noteworthy, mumps disease is a viral infectious disease that may cause swelling and ailments in the salivary glands.

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  1. Mumps is preventable by two doses of the mumps vaccine. Most of the developed world includes it in their immunization programs, often in combination with measles and rubella vaccine. When is the Iraqi health system going to provide all of Iraqi children with the immunisation vaccination program.

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