In Diyala, child was awarded for returning back 17 million dinars

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( Diyala – On Tuesday, a local source in Diyala Province stated, that a displaced child returned back a women’s bag containing 17 million dinars to its owner in a popular market north of Baquba, while granted a reward of 5000 dinars.

The source said in a statement obtained by, “An 8 years old displaced child selling plastic bags in a popular market (2 km north of Baquba), found a women’s bag dumped on the ground,” adding that, “He returned it back to its owner.”

The source added, “The bag contained 17 million dinars,” pointing out that, “The woman offered a reward of 5000 dinars to the boy.”

Noteworthy, dozens of displaced children are working in the markets of Baquba and other main cities to support their families financially.

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  1. The Iraqi Government should be helping the family with some sort of social service financial benefit through their difficult time and the child should not be working but should be going to school.

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